Eva Maldonado

I'm Eva Maldonado, your choice for State Senate District 27, representing parts of Stamford and Darien!
I am a Stamford homeowner, mother, and grandmother of two Stamford Public School students. I love my city and its surrounding areas, which is why I have been, and still am, actively involved in the Stamford community for over 35 years. Whether it be my time serving as the president of the Greater Stamford Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the vice president of the Stamford Exchange Club, a former member of Stamford Public Education Fund, a member of the Stamford Garden Club, or a member of the Healing Hearts Organization, I've been there to serve my city and its people proudly. Throughout my local board service, I also worked as a law enforcement officer (currently retired) from the Department of Major Crime Investigations for the Stamford Police Department for 31 years. So, I understand the importance of safety and security for our residents. 
I am asking for your support during this campaign because our civil liberties are at risk. Our state government has been under the control of a divisive and partisan rule for over 42 years. And every two years, the same destructive and alienating politicians are re-elected. These actions MUST END!
Connecticut is the Constitution State, where government power can and should be legally limited in its powers. And I'm running to ensure that that happens. We must uphold our state's constitution and pass legislation beneficial to our residents and protective of our rights. 
I am not the type of person to state something without research. I have the facts, which is why I am inviting you to visit our website every week. Here, I will be sharing the voting record of my opponent and the increasing debt that is being left to our children.


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