Our students, parents, teachers, and administrators are being forced to deal with hundreds of unnecessary mandates and false funding that make things worse. These mandates provide ZERO results for our investment in life, our children.
In this past session, the subject of regionalization was brought up without a clear explanation as to what it was. The legislature only explained its authoritative powers. Regionalization would interfere with the diverse interests and needs of our children's education. It would allow for a "one-size fits all" approach. That is something we do NOT need.



We are living in uncertain and bizarre times; however, our children have the right to public education. Our local Board of Education must be given the authority of managing the return-to-school process, and our state government must be ready to issue the necessary financial means within reason. We do this by THOROUGHLY examining our state's spending to see if our current costs will counteract the effects of escalating education costs. This can also be done by lowering state revenues resulting from this pandemic. Our priority should be allowing our children to return safely and effectively back to school.



Connecticut is on numerous Top 10 Business lists, but not for the reasons that we want. Our consumers and businesses deserve better! According to numerous business reports, Connecticut has

  • The 2nd highest tax burden of any state

  • The 2nd highest debt and unfunded pension liability

  • The 5th highest regulatory burden

The failure of Connecticut’s economy is based on unneeded and repetitive actions with the hope of seeing different and better outcomes. Well, guess what? Nothing got better! The democrat-run state government, who for over 40 plus years has been the majority, deserves the blame. I firmly believe that we need to create an environment that encourages businesses to choose Connecticut.  This means keeping the businesses and industries we have, supporting startups, and having businesses choose to relocate to Connecticut because of what our great state has to offer. 

Unless some of the punitive regulations and anti-business hurdles are rolled back, Connecticut will remain at a competitive disadvantage.

The truth is that our state is in trouble. We are burdened with multi-million dollar deficits, the highest unemployment in generations, and jobs continuing to flee. It is time to make spending cuts and shrink government partisanship. We all deserve this better economy!



Every two years you hear the same thing, that our transportation system needs fixing. The fix is within our residents, and not paying consultants every two years to have a plan that is no longer feasible. No more wasted money!



My experience while working with the Stamford Public Schools system allows me to state that parents need support and the freedom of choice instead of getting additional obstruction. Every parent has the constitutional right to make decisions for their children without government interference unless there is proof of abuse or neglect. So if there is no proof, we shouldn't force them to do things they are not comfortable with—one of the most substantial things being vaccines.


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